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Employment Opportunities

This position inspects and monitors the installation of railroad track and structures to assure compliance with the federal safety and health regulations among railroads, railroad employees and contractors at Texas City Terminal Railway Company/Port of Texas City (TCT/PTC)

Essential Functions:

  1. Responsible for conducting mandatory track inspections in accordance with FRA requirements, track standards and maintenance procedures/instructions
  2. Detects deviations from federal/state regulations associated with rail infrastructure
  3. Implements remedial action on defects, pending repair
  4. Repairs or directs crews to repair or replace track-structure defects
  5. Oversees/direct production of contract engineering forces
  6. Conducts field inspections of work to ensure compliance with the contract requirements and documents accordingly (inspections may range from general oversight, initial/follow-up inspections, or fully detailed daily inspections as required by contract)
  7. Inspects completed work to verify conformance to government regulations and contract requirements
  8. Prepares inspection reports for management and government compliance
  9. Performs special inspections of the track structure in times of severe weather or other events that may have damaged the railroad
  10. Performs other tasks necessary to ensure the efficient

                  operation of the railroad

  1. Responsible for material delivery inspection ensuring that

                  delivered materials meet requirements of approved submittals

                  and are delivered in acceptable condition. Reviews material

                  certifications; ensures materials are stored and handled per

                  contract and manufacturer requirements

  1. Develops and issues bid packages for letting of rail

                  infrastructure improvements and repairs

  1. Manages rail capital and expense budgets
  2. Oversees the mowing and trimming of grass and other forms of

       vegetation management



  1. Experience & knowledge in rail transportation services and the

                  Railroad’s General Code of Operating Rules (GCOR) & safety


  1. Familiarity with issuing special instructions related to rail


  1. Functions in pre-and post-disaster preparedness as an

                  essential employee

  1. Performs other duties as assigned

Required Education, Experience and/or Credentials:

  1. Minimum of five (5) years of experience in working with

                  construction of ballasted and embedded track.

  1. Minimum of two (2) years of experience of working in rail

                  transportation services 

  1. High school diploma and/or GED required. Technical college or

                  industry experience is a plus

  1. Knowledge of FRA Standards – Track and Operating rules
  2. Knowledge of Roadway Worker Protection rules
  3. Good communication skills, ability to learn on the job and

                  problem solving abilities

  1. Knowledge of standards, specifications, and publications of job

                  related duties

  1. Valid driver’s license and Transportation Worker Identification

                  Credential (TWIC card)


Skills in & Ability to:

  1. Using a personal computer with Microsoft applications to

       include Outlook, Word, and Excel

  1. Ability to interpret blueprints, drawings, and specifications
  2. Develop effective work methods
  3. Maintain accurate reports and records
  4. Organize preventative maintenance programs


To apply for this position, please send your resume to

If you have questions about the duties of this position, please call Jason Hayley at (409) 945-4461 ext 1020